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Producing the Highest Quality Hemp Oil from Deep in the Heart of Texas

Texas farmers will soon have the opportunity to grow Hemp rich hemp and participate in one of the fastest growing markets in the world and reap generous profits. As soon as the Texas Agricultural Commissioner writes and adopts the new rules and regulations for growing and processing hemp in Texas, the Hemp industry will be poised to explode out of the gate. Hopefully, the spring of 2020 will be the first opportunity to plant hemp in Texas, but planning should begin now.

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By the way, Texas has the optimum amounts of sunshine, rain and soil to produce bumper crops of hemp. Along with seasoned, professional and entrepreneurial farmers, Texas has the opportunity to become the number one state in America for producing hemp and Hemp oil. Some other states have had a couple of year’s advantage over Texas, but with the vastness of our resources, we can immediately become competitive in this marketplace.

Gulf Coast Extraction will be looking to partner with Texas farmers to process their hemp with the most professional extraction systems that will produce and market some of the purest of Hemp oil extracts, both through wholesale and retail markets. Located west of Houston, Texas, Gulf Coast Extraction will be convenient to farmers in the Golden Triangle, Coastal Bend and Rio Grande Valley areas of Texas. However, we will consider partnering with any farmer that has an approved crop by the Texas Department of Agriculture. For additional information or to open the discussions of hemp farming and production in Texas, please call Mike Burns, 713-927-7501, or click the button below to contact us online.

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